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July 1, 2017

It seems as if the dog days of summer have arrived here. If that means everyone feels like laying around and taking it slow, that is. It's just so hot out that we have had to put a halt on some of the outside projects, or only work on them when we have the energy and hydration.
Even so, we have spent a good portion of our time on the boys' treehouse. It now has walls and a roof! I think it looks pretty cute up there. We're counting down the days until we can decorate the inside (or maybe that's just me).

Ted and I have been embracing all that is hygge, and have started making candles to achieve cozy lighting and atmosphere in our home. We're using beeswax, and it smells wonderful when we have it liquefying on the stovetop. Like a honeypot of goodness! Now, if only it were cold enough to wear woolen socks....

The garden is still producing lots of peppers and tomatoes, and I've been throwing them into practically every dish that I can. I think we've discov…
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Vegan jerky

I was reading a local Houston magazine this week, and inside was a recipe for crispy baked watermelon rinds. Immediately I had to know what this was all about and give it a try! I've been thinking a lot about food waste lately. Reading other blogs about it, and being fascinated by Rob Greenfield and his famous youtubes on dumpster-diving, has got me all crazy about trying new ways to prepare our meals at home and completely using up the produce that comes out of the garden. There's just something very satisfying in that.

 In all fairness though, I have chickens who are happy to eat what we don't, but even they sometimes turn up their beaks at those chewy melon skins and leave me to rake them up later. So here I am trying this out:

I'm not sure how these were supposed to turn out, crispy-wise, that is. I definitely baked them longer than the recipe called for. They remind me a lot of kale chips, only chewier. They're okay! But, I think I am the only one in this fam…

Madeline Mazie Morehouse

We're excited to announce that our daughter, Madeline, was born on Sunday, March 12th. Up until that day, there were hardly any "signs" she was close to being done cooking. I was still remembering how I went 2 weeks past my estimated due date with Max, and was preparing myself for another long wait. So here's how things went down that day:

I woke up to some annoying contractions at 5:30am that morning, and noticed they were slightly rhythmic; about 7 minutes apart and preventing me from falling back asleep. I stayed awake to time them for about 2 hours while the rest of the house was still sleeping. 
When the boys woke up at 7:30, I told Ted that I felt yucky and crampy, and possibly in early labor but to not get our hopes up. So we continued on with our day, doing breakfast, laundry, chicken and goat chores...still timing contractions which were anywhere from 2-5 minutes apart. 
It was around 9 when Max randomly barfed everywhere in the boys' bedroom. We still d…

Nest prep

March is here, and that means we are getting close to meeting our newest family member! Some friends threw me a Mother's Blessing Way last weekend and they made me this flag to hang up.

I also got my belly decorated with henna. I'm amazed that it was all done by hand! It can last up to 2 weeks (if I'm careful not to scrub too hard in the shower).

Hooray for babies!

Rain day brain dump

We're all cozy inside of the house today due to the chilly rainy weather outdoors. I'm still unpacking from our weekend trip to the Mother Earth News Fair. It was something! I attended workshops on raising guinea fowl, rainwater collection systems, and was immensely inspired by a man who gave a demonstrative talk on how to build your own cob pizza oven. I am pretty sure that will be in the works very soon. How fun will it be to have friends over and prepare dinner on some hot bricks!?

We were so happy to see our extended family/cousins that live in Austin, and catch up on life with them. We also enjoyed finding a burger joint that had an outdoor playground for the boys to get their crazies out while Ted and I sat at a table eating (partial alcoholic) ice cream without any little mouths constantly asking for bites :) .

"Scraps" the traveling van proved to be a good purchase, and got us back in one piece without any road trouble. Once he gets a some new clothes, he wil…


To be perfectly honest, I haven't put a lot of thought into what is about to happen in the next couple months with baby girl on her way. I guess the time is drawing near...but what have I done to prepare? I did get some newborn clothing tucked away in her dresser drawer last week. And today I ordered my birthing kit. I know there are a few more odds and ends that need to be put in order, but there's just so much else happening around here. 
I feel like I've accomplished quite a few tasks this morning. We collected a bag full of pine needles and grassy stick things from the park for a project we're working on. We had a big collection of mostly magazines and a few books that we dropped off at 2 different Little Free Libraries. Then we were off to the feed store to take care of all animal related needs. I needed to get goat and cat food, de-worming meds, and flea/tick meds. Hopefully they will be set for a couple months now.
Presently, Finn and I are trying to figure out …

Friday afternoon reflections

This seed basket can only mean one thing; it's time to get back into gardening and my livelihood! It's very odd starting seeds now, being it's January and all. I am not complaining, it's just odd. I made my first attempt at sterilizing potting soil this week for my trays, and it must have been alright because the French marigolds are popping their little heads out today after being tucked in just 3 days ago.

Over the past weekend we constructed our very first 'hoop house' and we're hoping it won't need the tarp on for long, but seeing as how it was down to 20 degrees F and killed a bunch of our citris grove a few days just cannot be too safe!

Max turned 2 this week! He has started repeating quite a few words/phrases that he hears us say, so I imagine it won't be long before we have another storyteller on our hands. One of his favorite activities is playing in the animal run.

We have had a couple afternoons of sitting around the fire af…