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Prepping for Winter Faire

It seems as if December is slipping right on by. Our annual school Winter Faire was today, and we have been bizzy bees getting projects completed for this magical tradition. Finn was eager to help with the activity area sign preparations, and there he is above- blending watercolor pencil with a brush of water. Painting, felting dolls to sell, and baking the KU Geology cream-cheese filled snicker-doodles were pretty much what my days have looked like this week. I hope more people took photos today, because it really was a beautiful event that I'm so grateful to have been a part of. Thank you, Bayou Village community!
Oh, and I even came home carrying a couple bags of soft alpaca wool that I can't wait to try out on some new dolls in the works. See my latest needle-feltings at

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The Apron

I started wearing an apron about seven years ago. I think my husband gifted it to me for Mother’s Day one year. It was bright yellow and patterned with bees all over it. I had always associated an apron with people who were good in the kitchen. And I definitely didn’t fit into that category. I didn’t do a whole lot of cooking or baking for our small family back in those days. I can’t say why I started wearing that apron in the first place. But I remember when I did, something very strange would happen. Almost always, I would be more productive in the work that I was doing that day. Not only that, but the work itself would have more thought put into it. It seemed the very act of putting the apron on and tying those long ribbons around the back shifted my entire perspective, and I was mentally prepared to take on the day with a more positive outlook on whatever may come my way. Years went by, more aprons came, more babies came, (and we kept adding more live animals to our brood too!) and…

A song we wrote in the car ride to school today

Old Man Rogers
by Finn Morehouse (with some help from Jaylyn Morehouse)
Old Man Rogers is a dreamed up character that has been known to show up in the boys' play from time to time. He is an "old man who likes to steal our animals". A rogers is "a person who steals things like money". I imagine it's similar to a robber ;) In this song, Old Man Rogers goes through a lot of work, only to find himself in a bad position in the end.

Old Man Rogers went to the farm, he got a chicken and he threw it in the barn, The chicken said "cluck" and out came an egg, and scrambled eggs is what he made.
Old Man Rogers went to the farm, he got a goose and threw it in the barn, The goose said "honk' and he pooped on his shoe, and Old Man Rogers didn't know what to do.
Old Man Rogers went to the farm, he got a goat and he threw it in the barn, The goat used his horns and he butted him with his head, then Old Man Rogers was soon dead.

Welcome, September

This week was full of heart ache as we watched our city get slammed by trillions of gallons of water from Hurricane Harvey. Today's newspaper headline read '51 Inches!' We were fortunate to have a safe and dry place to live while all of this was happening, but we're emotionally drained and feeling all sorts of survivors guilt in the aftermath of it all. So many families are displaced. People we personally know have gone from being self dependent to having no where to live in the course of a few days. We got to go inside one of these majorly flooded houses this morning. Entire subdivisions had piles and piles of damaged household furniture, sheet rock, and ruined flooring out on the curbs. The houses have to be stripped down to the studs, and fast, before the mildew and mold start to really rot it and it becomes in-salvageable. So very overwhelming and sad. But in the midst of it all, there are so many volunteers helping out. Lots of love is going around, and that is w…

July 1, 2017

It seems as if the dog days of summer have arrived here. If that means everyone feels like laying around and taking it slow, that is. It's just so hot out that we have had to put a halt on some of the outside projects, or only work on them when we have the energy and hydration.
Even so, we have spent a good portion of our time on the boys' treehouse. It now has walls and a roof! I think it looks pretty cute up there. We're counting down the days until we can decorate the inside (or maybe that's just me).

Ted and I have been embracing all that is hygge, and have started making candles to achieve cozy lighting and atmosphere in our home. We're using beeswax, and it smells wonderful when we have it liquefying on the stovetop. Like a honeypot of goodness! Now, if only it were cold enough to wear woolen socks....

The garden is still producing lots of peppers and tomatoes, and I've been throwing them into practically every dish that I can. I think we've discov…

Vegan jerky

I was reading a local Houston magazine this week, and inside was a recipe for crispy baked watermelon rinds. Immediately I had to know what this was all about and give it a try! I've been thinking a lot about food waste lately. Reading other blogs about it, and being fascinated by Rob Greenfield and his famous youtubes on dumpster-diving, has got me all crazy about trying new ways to prepare our meals at home and completely using up the produce that comes out of the garden. There's just something very satisfying in that.

 In all fairness though, I have chickens who are happy to eat what we don't, but even they sometimes turn up their beaks at those chewy melon skins and leave me to rake them up later. So here I am trying this out:

I'm not sure how these were supposed to turn out, crispy-wise, that is. I definitely baked them longer than the recipe called for. They remind me a lot of kale chips, only chewier. They're okay! But, I think I am the only one in this fam…

Madeline Mazie Morehouse

We're excited to announce that our daughter, Madeline, was born on Sunday, March 12th. Up until that day, there were hardly any "signs" she was close to being done cooking. I was still remembering how I went 2 weeks past my estimated due date with Max, and was preparing myself for another long wait. So here's how things went down that day:

I woke up to some annoying contractions at 5:30am that morning, and noticed they were slightly rhythmic; about 7 minutes apart and preventing me from falling back asleep. I stayed awake to time them for about 2 hours while the rest of the house was still sleeping. 
When the boys woke up at 7:30, I told Ted that I felt yucky and crampy, and possibly in early labor but to not get our hopes up. So we continued on with our day, doing breakfast, laundry, chicken and goat chores...still timing contractions which were anywhere from 2-5 minutes apart. 
It was around 9 when Max randomly barfed everywhere in the boys' bedroom. We still d…